Does Age Matter?

In the world of music, we can hear very good voices and we are pleased to listen to it again. The circumstances given to people with the same talent of singing are different that is why there are those who can sing but does not practice it much because they are busy working to provide for their family. There are also those who made effort to let their voice be an entertainment to the people. They entered competitions and have been recognized as a good singer.

But we can also see in competitions people with the ability to sing in their old age already trying to compete and see if the judges would like their talent. They have been busy working and now is the time they could have the courage to enter into a competition and to also sing. There is the question that will age have an effect on learning music? The age would seem to not affect it but the time and effort to spend on learning music would be lesser as compared to the younger age.

It is written that the brain could again regenerate when it would be used. There are parts of the brain and some could not be used depending on the work or daily activity of a person. A person could have less capability of memorization when he does not make use of it often but just always write an essay. That is why if you are still thinking if you should start to learn now then you do it before time will pass.